Creating a private help topic

Create your first private help topic

There are two steps to adding a help topic to your profile: creating it and setting a price. After successful completion of both steps, the help topic will be available for others to book.

Creating the topic

After activating Freelancer Pro and setting up payouts, create your first help topic by clicking "Manage help topics" in your menu, or by clicking here.


An icon is required to help identify your help topic to clients. Please upload an icon and use the accompanying editor to center and crop the image. The editor should be able to accept any image file, including *.webp.

Topic name

The topic name is used to identify your help topic to clients. Please limit this to a few words that best describe the kind of help that you will offer.

URL path

Your help topic's url determines the link that your clients will use to book you for a help topic. You cannot have two help topics with the same URL path. Please make sure it only contains letters and dashes for proper indexing.

Type of help

Strategic help is any kind of help where you will mostly be giving verbal advice and strategy.

Tactical help is any kind of help where the client screenshares with you and you diagnose and solve the problem together in real-time.

Instant sessions

Enabling instant sessions for a help topic means that users will be able to request instant sessions with you for that topic. Learn more about instant help sessions here.

Scheduled sessions

Scheduled sessions are booked based on your day-to-day availability schedule set on Hopps. Learn more about scheduled help sessions here.


Enabling tasks allows clients to book offline work with you. If you only want users to schedule you for live sessions, leave this unchecked. Learn more about tasks here.

Help tags

Help tags are ways to tag your help topic for both indexing by Google and for matching client requests. Tags should be separated by commas and should only contain letters, numbers and spaces.


The description of your help topic gives others a sense of what the help topic is about and how you will be able to help them. Please make sure this is about 150-250 characters in length and does not contain inaccurate information or any typos.

Setting a price

Once you have finished creating your help topic, you will be prompted to add a per minute rate for live sessions only. For tasks, your clients will not see your per minute rate.

View your public profile by opening your profile link in another window or browser. This link can easily be embedded on your personal website, LinkedIn or email footer.

When you share this link with others, they can start booking you for help sessions and tasks. You are ready to take your first session!

Next steps

Continue filling out your profile by creating new help topics that you can help with. You can also start receiving sessions from Hopps clients by requesting to add Hopps Help topics to your profile. Learn more help topics and Hopps Help here.