Help topics

Introduction to help topics

Help topics are the backbone of every request on Hopps

Clients use help topics to book help sessions and tasks. There are two types of help topics: Hopps Help and private help. The major difference between the two is that Hopps Help topics are created, managed and vetted for by Hopps, while any expert can add a private help topic.

Hopps Help®

Hopps Help topics are managed by the Hopps team and require experts to undergo a vetting process in order to receive notifications for help sessions and tasks. These help topics typically get traffic from general visitors to the platform looking for help. Learn more here.

Private help

Private help topics can only be seen on your public profile and are available to take sessions by:

  • external clients not affiliated with Hopps
  • Hopps clients who have worked with you previously
  • Hopps clients who have not worked with you previously

Traffic to these help topics is generated by sharing your link with Hopps clients acquired through the platform, or via external clients brought in using your profile link. Learn more here.

Creating your first help topic