Migrating from Hopps v1

We are here to help migrate you smoothly from the existing platform

If you are an existing client or expert, you will have to recreate your account to migrate over to the new platform. While the number of users affected is small, we understand the impact and are here to help if any issues arise.

New features

We are excited to introduce a platform rebuilt to give you the best experience possible

New features for clients:

  • Hundreds of new tools and skills for live 1:1 help
  • Offline tasks - start getting work done offline with vetted experts on the platform
  • Recurring tasks and projects
  • Help session recordings with AI transcripts

New features for experts:

  • Ability to add and manage private help topics
  • Remote control for sessions

Reconnecting with existing experts and clients

Clients and experts looking to reconnect from Hopps 1.0 simply need to email us at with your name, email and the name of the individual that you were working with. We will bridge the connection within a few hours.

Data requests

If there are any data requests for information related to your old account, please email before June 1st, 2024 to request a copy of data retained by the platform. We will be unable to honor any requests after this date.

What is Hopps?