Creating an instant session

Instantly create a shareable link for help session

Creating a session is an easy way to invite a client, new user or guest to a session without having them go through the process of requesting you.

You can create a session by either going to the session creation page, or from within a conversation.

Help topic

You must have at least one active help topic to create a session. This can be either a private or Hopps Help topic.

The help topic will set the per minute rate for the session.

Sharing the session

Sessions created by an expert can be joined by anyone with the session link.

If a client is not a Hopps user, they will be prompted to create an account and add a credit card for billing. If they are an existing Hopps customer, they will be able to join instantly.

Who pays?

The first client who joins becomes the "payee" for the session. Anyone else with the link can also enter the session but will not be charged.

Learn more about session participants here.