Instant help sessions

Receiving an instant session request means the client is waiting for an expert to join the session right now

Instant sessions are denoted by an "Instant" badge and need to be joined within 10 minutes of recieving your first notification for them. You can join any available help session by going to your dashboard and clicking the "Join" button on the session page. To learn more about taking an instant help session, click here


Notifications for instant sessions will be sent to you each time you are matched or requested for an instant session. These notifications are not based on your scheduled availability.

Direct requests

When you receive a notification for a session directly requested for you, it means that the session notification was only sent to you, regardless of whether it was a Hopps Help topic or a private help topic. In the event that you cannot take a direct request instantly, please message the client to let them know if you are unable to join the instant session.

Muting notifications

At this time, there is no way to mute yourself from instant session notifications for a Hopps help topic. To remove the topic altogether, please email

If you are receiving unwanted instant session requests for a private help topic, please edit the help topic and uncheck "Instant sessions enabled" for that topic.