Session controls and interface

Your sessions interface comes with many controls, including the ability to start / stop billing and create in-session tasks

Start / Stop billing

The billing of your session is controlled by the timer located on the top right of the screen.

Starting the timer

To start the timer, please click "Start", at which time you will see the timer begin. On smaller screens, this start button is replaced by a timer icon.

Stopping the timer

You can stop the timer to pause session billing at any time. This is useful to take breaks, or while doing something that you do not wish to charge the client for. Please do not forget to resume billing.

If the timer is never started, there will be no cost to the client.

Finalizing cost

At the end of a session, you will have the opportunity to finalize the session cost by discounting the session or offering it for free. Learn more about finalizing a session here.

Session chat

Any logged-in user in a session can chat and send / receive attachments.

Chat formatting

Chats are only meant to share links, attachments and other quick, relevant information. At this time, rich text and new lines are not supported in chats.

Logged out guests

Guests joining via a session link that are not logged into Hopps will be unable to contribute or see any chats or attachments.


Chat history, including attachments, is available after the session to all logged-in participants. To see a session's chat history, navigate to the "Chat" tab on the session detail page.

Task creation

You have the ability to create a task for a client while in a session by clicking on "Create a task" in the session sidebar. Learn more about tasks here.

Ending a session

To end a session, click the "End" button. This will end the session for all participants and conclude billing.


It is very important to end a help session instead of just closing a tab. If a help session is not ended properly, billing may continue indefinitely or inaccurately

After ending a session, you will be prompted to complete a review and finalize the session cost.