A session usually consists of one or more clients and one expert

There are three types of participants that can join a help session:

  • Expert
  • Client(s)
  • Guest(s)


The expert serves as the host of the session and is responsible for starting and leading the session.

At this time, only one expert can join a session at any one time. Other experts can join using their client profile or as a guest, but will not be compensated financially.


Clients request and join sessions using a Hopps team profile.

They can invite anyone from their team or another team to join a session. There is currently a limit of 8 maximum clients that can join a session at any one time.

The client who requested the session is ultimately responsible for the cost of the session.

Created instant session

If you create a session for a client and give the session link to two different clients, both will be able to join the session.

The first client to join will be responsible for billing.


A guest is a user who enters a session without having a Hopps account. They can enter by simply copying and pasting the session link, given to them by a participating expert or client.


  • A guest cannot enter a session unless there is already a client present in the session who is responsible for billing, or if they create a Hopps account to join
  • Guests cannot see chat histories, session videos or any record of a session before or after it is completed

Sharing a session

Any participant can add any user to a session by simply sharing the session link.