Taking a help session

Book a scheduled session or join an instant one as soon as you receive a notification

When you receive an email, text or a dashboard notification, that means you were specfically invited or matched to that session. Reasons for being invited to take a help session include:

  • Algorithm matching based on profile, request details and availability
  • Directly requested by a client from their dashboard
  • Directly requested by a client from your profile link

Unless it was a direct request, notifications are sent to a number of qualified experts at the same time.

The average time response time is about 60 seconds.

Before taking a session

Please always read the description of the problem and view any attachments carefully before taking a session. In some cases, messaging the client ahead of time to make sure you understand the requirement could be helpful.

To avoid issues, please only take a session if you are sure that you can quickly help the client with the issue that they are having.

Receiving poor reviews and/or chargebacks could result in your permanent removal from the platform.

Instant sessions

Instant sessions are denoted by an "Instant" badge and can be taken by joining the session as soon as you receive a notification. To join an instant session, navigate to your help sessions page and select the help session that is available to take.

Things to remember

When joining a help session, spend some time at the beginning of the session building context. Avoid starting billable time until you are sure that you can help.

In the event that you are unable to help, please courteously end the session and try to discount or offer the session for no charge.

Scheduled sessions

Scheduled sessions are denoted by a "Scheduled" badge and can have up to 5 proposed times by the client. You can book the session by clicking one of the times.

Starting a scheduled session

You can start a scheduled session up to 10 minutes before the session time by going to your dashboard and clicking the "Start" button. If you or the client does not join the session within 10 minutes of the session start time, the session will be automatically canceled by the system and a cancellation fee may be assessed.

Reminder notifications

You will receive a reminder notification 30 minutes and 10 minutes before a scheduled session is due to start.