Hopps Help®

Hopps Help® is a way to provide help by joining a vetted network of certified and vetted experts

Hopps Help topics are highly regulated and vetted help topics that are created, maintained and priced by the Hopps team. As an expert, you can request to provide help for a Hopps Help topic.

Requesting to add

Any expert on Hopps can request to add a Hopps Help topic by navigating to the Hopps Help page and clicking on "Request".

When adding a help topic, you will be asked to submit reasons why you believe you are qualified to deliver help on the topic. Here, you can refer to previous expertise in the topic, portfolio links or your LinkedIn page as contributing evidence of your expertise.

Upon submitting the request, it will appear as Pending.


There are many contributing factors that go into approval for a Hopps Help topic including:

  • Activity on the platform for private help topics
  • Approval for other Hopps Help topics
  • Completeness of your expert profile
  • Supporting evidence of adequacy in material
  • Interview results (if applicable)

Additional testing needed

If we are unable to come to an initial conclusion, you may be asked to undergo virtual material tests and/or interviews as part of the process. If this is the case, the status of your request will change to Needs Testing and you will receive more information through your email.

Not approved

If you are unable to complete additional testing or do not pass the requirements, your request status will be removed from the queue and you will receive an email notification detailing why.

You may resubmit a new request for the same topic every 8 weeks.

Approved topics

If your request is approved after review, the status of your request will change to Active, and you will start to receive sessions and tasks for that help topic.

Sessions are assigned based on availability, activity and relevance to the help needed.

Removal from topic

In order to have yourself removed from a Hopps Help topic, please contact support at support@hopps.io.

Pricing and fees

Help session

Per minute pricing for Hopps help topics that are enabled for live sessions is set by Hopps and is the same rate for every expert delivering help for that topic. The per minute pricing for any topic can be seen on your Hopps Help page.

The platform fee for delivering live help for a Hopps help topic is 35%.


You can propose any cost for a task associated with a Hopps Help topic.

The platform fee for successfully completing a Hopps Help task is 25%.