Private help topics

Private help topics give you the flexbility of creating any topic and setting your own price

Private help topics are only shown on your public profile page, and can be created for anything at all. Common use cases include consulting, customer success / support for small companies and tutoring.

Share your link with others to easily book tasks and sessions for anything you can provide help on. With Hopps private topics, you can combine the powers of Calendly (scheduling), Stripe (invoicing) and Zoom (screenshare) into one link.

Creating a private help topic

To create a private help topic, please follow the steps in our getting started guide. At this time, you can create as many private help topics as you want.

Pricing and fees

Help session

Per minute pricing for private help topics enabled for live sessions is set by you and is capped at $20 / minute. The platform fee for delivering live help for a private help topic is 20%.

You can also offer a help topic for free by setting the price to be $0.00 / minute (exploration calls, etc). There is no fee charged by Hopps for hosting help sessions for free help topics.


You can propose any cost for a task associated with a private topic.

The platform fee for successfully completing a Hopps Help task is 20%.