Payouts on Hopps

Get paid within 24-48 hours by setting up your payouts profile

General payout information can be seen in your payouts tab under settings.

Detailed information related to transfers is available in the "Payouts" tabs for each respective session/task.

This will also soon be available on a "Transactions" page, featuring all transactions that have occurred on the platform.


All payouts are done on Hopps using Stripe. In order to receive payouts, you must first set up your payout profile. At this time, we do not support paying out with any other methods.

Setting up payouts

Setting up payouts takes only a few minutes and verification is typically immediate (1-3 minutes). For more detailed information, please see documentation from Stripe here.

Sometimes, verification doesn't occur immediately - and in some cases, going to that screen will show that you need to continue submitting information to Stripe. In this case, please continue submitting the necessary information to Stripe.

Successful verification

Upon successful verification, you will see a button called "See payouts" appear on your dashboard. Clicking on this button will open Stripe in a new window, where you will be able to track active payouts to your bank account or debit card.