Available and pending balances

Your balances on Hopps reflect amounts that have not yet began the process of being transferred

What are balances?

There are two types of balances: "Ready to send" and "Pending". The total amounts in each balance can be seen on your payouts page under "Balances".


Your balances do not include past transfer or active transfers that are on their way to you. To view those, please visit the "See payouts" link on your billing page.

Ready to send balance

Your ready to send balance includes any amount that is available to be sent to your bank account.

Reasons for having an available balance include:

  • Not having an active payout account set up with Stripe
  • Credits added to your balance
  • Settlement of previously failed charges

Attempts to send balances to attached payout accounts are made weekly.

Pending balance

Your pending balance includes any amount that has not been successfully collected from one or more of your clients. We attempt to clear any charges related to your pending balance every 24 hours.

At the time an associated charge is cleared, the pending balance is debited for that amount, and the transfer is initiated to the associated payout account. If there is no active associated payout account, the balance is transferred to your "Ready to send" balance.