Help session payouts

Payouts for help sessions usually occur within 75-90 minutes of finalizing a session. Learn more about why this timeline might change in some cases

Finalizing a session

Once a session is ended, you will have a 1-hour window to finalize the session cost. The client's attached payment method is charged at the time the session cost is finalized.


All transfer transactions can be tracked in the "Payout" tab of the help session once the charge is finalized, detailing the status of the transfer, as well as all fees and adjustments made to the transaction.

Successful charge

If a charge is successful, a transfer is scheduled to be sent to the associated account payout account within 2 hours.

During this time, the payouts tab for the help session will show that the transaction details are not available. This means that the related transfer is being processed.

Once processed, the associated transfer will show as "Paid" and the related amount should be on its way to you.

Declined charge

If the charge is declined at the time the session is finalized, the client is prompted to update their payment method. They will be unable to take any further sessions or request any offline work on the platform until that charge is resolved.

The amount of the transfer will be added to your pending balance, which can be seen in your payout settings. The associated transfer will be marked as "Added to pending balance".

At the time the payment is successfully collected, the transfer will automatically be processed and the status of the transaction will update accordingly.