Tasks payouts

Payouts for tasks happen at the time the task is marked as complete by the client

Adjusting the cost

You will have the option of adjusting the final cost of a task during submission. This additional adjustment will need to be confirmed by the client in order for it to be processed.


When the client confirms the task is complete, the transfer will be processed immediately. The associated transfer will update to show as "Paid".

All transfer transactions can be tracked in the "Payouts" tab of the task once the charge is finalized, detailing the status of the transfer, as well as all fees and adjustments made to the transaction.

Declines on adjustments

If additional adjustments are declined by the client's bank, you may not be paid out for the additional adjustment immediately. In this case, the transfer will partially occur for the original amount of the task and the status of the transfer will change to "Partially Paid".

Once the remaining amount is collected from the client, it will be transferred and the status of the transfer will update to "Paid".

Recurring tasks

Recurring task payouts occur at the end of the billing cycle for that task. For example, if a monthly recurring task started today, the associated transfer for that task will be made 30 days from today.

In some cases, accomodations can be made to transfer this amount at the start of the billing cycle. To request such accomodations, please contact us at support@hopps.io.