Task disputes

When the rare dispute occur over completed work, documentation and communication are important to a successful resolution

In the event that submitted work is not accepted by the client or the final cost is under dispute, Hopps customer support will help resolve the matter.


At the time the client submits a dispute to either the final cost or the submitted work, Hopps will launch an internal investigation to come to a timely resolution.

As part of the process, the resolution team will review the original task requirements, the proposal, any exchanged messages and the final submission materials. You may be emailed if any additional documentation is needed so please make sure you keep a record of all related material.

Offline communication

To protect yourself, please conduct all task-related communication on the platform through messages. Any off platform communication will not be considered when resolving a dispute.

Timeline and outcome

We will do our best to resolve any dispute within 3 business days of receiving all related materials.

If a task you are a part of is under dispute, your account may be unable to submit proposals for any new tasks during this time.


All payments made to Hopps will remain in escrow through the dispute process and will not be released to you until a resolution is reached.