Task proposal

Task proposals are offers to perform work for a client who has requested offline work

A task proposal can be submitted for any task that is Accepting proposals.

You can submit a proposal by navigating to the tasks page, selecting the task you wish to submit a proposal for, and clicking on the "Your proposal" tab.

After submission

Once successfully completed, the client will be notified of your submission via text and email.


You can make changes, upload new attachments or modify the proposal in any way up until:

  • The proposal is accepted
  • The task moves into another state (e.g. canceled, accepted another proposal)


After submitting a proposal, you can choose to withdraw the proposal at any given time before it is accepted. A withdrawn proposal is no longer shown to the customer.


You can reinstate a withdrawn proposal if the task is still accepting proposals. A reinstated proposal must have an updated due date and offer expiration date.