Recurring tasks

Recurring tasks work like a subscription, and need only one approval to bill monthly / yearly for ongoing work

A recurring task is created by submitting a task proposal that has a payment frequency of monthly or yearly.

Examples of recurring tasks

Recurring tasks are useful when clients need ongoing assistance or support. Although a recurring task can be used for any use case, common use cases include:

  • Client retainers
  • Ongoing services like hosting, upkeep and maintenance
  • Marketing services (e.g. social media / ads management, audits, etc)
  • Support subscriptions

Task submissions

A recurring task does not require a task submission at any point of time. All ongoing materials that are being managed or completed should be sent as attachments in a conversation with all the related clients.

Ending a recurring task

A client can choose to cancel or end a recurring task at any point of time. At the time the recurring task is cancelled, all payouts for that billing cycle are distributed in full.


Payouts for recurring tasks occur at the end of every billing cycle (monthly or yearly). For example, a recurring task that started today and bills monthly will be paid out one month from today.

All recurring task dues are held in escrow until the start of the next billing cycle. In some cases, exceptions may be made to accelerate fee distribution.

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