Flexible, easy billing is something we pride ourselves on

Teammates can collaborate with you without having to add payment methods for each user

Help sessions

Hopps help sessions feature a pay-as-you-go system that is billed by the minute. Pricing varies depending on which topic you need help with, but will always be priced by the minute.

For example, help with a complex marketing automation platform may have a higher per-minute rate than a simpler Facebook Ads setup question.

Where is pricing shown?

The per minute rate for a help topic is shown on the is displayed on the live help request page. Once you have selected your help topic, per-minute pricing for that topic is displayed next to to the topic name.

Certified topic pricing

You will notice some help topics are marked "Certified". These topics are both managed and priced by the Hopps team.

Hopps tasks are priced on a custom basis based on the project needs. Upon submitting your task request, experts will have an opportunity to prepare a proposal which you will have an opportunity to review. If you agree to the price and timeline outlined in the proposal from a given expert you can accept, your payment method on file will be charged, and the expert will commence work as agreed. You will need to have a valid credit card in order to initiate both a live help or task request.