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Reviewing submitted work

Once you have reviewed submitted work, please mark the task as complete

Reviewing submitted work

You will receive a notification indicating when work has been submitted for you to review. To review:

  1. Navigate to the task
  2. Click on the "Submitted work" tab
  3. Review the submitted adjustments, notes and attachments
  4. Click "Confirm task complete" to make the task as complete


At the time the expert submits work for review, they have the ability to make a final adjustment to the cost by increasing or decreasing this cost.

Increasing the cost

An increase should not come as a surprise, with the intention being that the expert has discussed new challenges that they had to overcome during completion. If you do not agree with the increase, please speak to your expert about it. They have the ability to make changes to the adjustment even after submission.

Any increased costs will reflect as a new charge.

Decreasing the cost

If the expert feels like giving you a partial or full-refund, they can adjust the final cost to reflect that change. In the event that this happens, you will receive a refund to the original hold amount.


We strongly encourage you to work out any issues that arise with your expert, whether it's a resubmission of completed work or a discount offered to the final cost.

In the event that you are not satisfied with the work completed and cannot agree on terms with the expert, you have the opportunity to submit a dispute. You can mark any task as "Disputed" by clicking the "Dispute" button from the task details page.

To learn more about the dispute process, click here.

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