Tasks / offline work

Accepting a proposal

Once you have reviewed submitted proposals, accept a proposal to get work started

Accepting a proposal

To accept a proposal:

  1. Navigate to the task
  2. Click on the "Proposals" tab
  3. Select the proposal that you wish to accept
  4. Click "Accept proposal"

What happens next?

What happens next is determined by whether the proposal was for a one-time task or a recurring one.

One-time task

Once you accept a proposal for a one-time task, your card on file will be charged for the amount specified in the proposal. These funds are held in escrow until the expert has fully completed the work and you have checked off on the completeness of it.

The expert is notified and prompted to begin work. You will receive a new notification indicating that work has started.

Once a one-time task is charged, it cannot be cancelled until work is completed.

Recurring task

For a recurring task, payment is collected at the time the proposal is accepted for the first billing cycle. The expert is notified and the task moves into an Ongoing / Recurring state. Learn more about how recurring tasks work here.

Reviewing proposals