Getting started

Collaborate with your team on Hopps

Build your team on Hopps to collaborate together on help sessions and offline work

Teammates can collaborate on sessions and tasks and join group messages with experts. Joining a team also simplifies billing, allowing one account's payment methods to be used by all participants.

Inviting a teammate

To invite a teammate to your team:

  1. Navigate to your team page by clicking "Manage team" in your menu bar
  2. Click "Add teammate" and fill out their first name, last name and email
  3. Upon adding a teammate, you will see them show up as a pending invite, and they will receive an email notifying them

Sending an invite will generate an invite code and an invite link that can be shared with the user to facilitate signing up. Once they have joined, you will see them appear as an active member of your team.


An new Hopps user will only be able to sign up with the same email that was sent to the invite to successfully join your team. If they use Sign in with Google to sign up, they can join your team by joining as an "existing" Hopps user (directions below).

Once joined, they can change their email to another email of their choice.

Joining a team as a new Hopps user

Once invited, a new Hopps user needs to enter their unique invite code during registration to join your team. Alternatively, they can also use the invite link to sign up.

Joining a team as an existing Hopps user

An existing Hopps user who is a part of another team simply needs to click the invite link to join your team. They can also click the (+) plus sign on their menu bar and enter in the invite code.

Team billing

A team billing account only needs to be setup once for a team account. All team members can use the same payment methods on file for billing purposes.

Team administration

Only team admins can change information about a team, remove teammates, cancel invites or change / remove billing methods.

Creating your organization