Live 1:1 help sessions

Help session recordings

All help session are recorded and archived for you to watch later

Hopps records sessions and generates transcripts for all your sessions so that you or your teammates can always rewatch, review and learn from the information shared during a session.

Accessing your recordings

When your recording is ready, you will be notified with a notification in your dashboard. Click the notification to see your recording.

Alternatively, navigate to your help session tab after a session is complete to also see your recording.

What if there is no "Video" tab?

After a session is finished, we process the video to enahance quality and generate transcripts. This encoding and processing time may take a few minutes; please check the session details again from time and time.

If the video has not appeared an hour after the session has ended, please contact support at

Downloading your recording

To download a copy of your session recording to your own device, click the three stacked dots icon in the lower right corner of the video player and select ‘Download’ from the menu that appears.

Please note that this action might change on different browsers; in most cases, you should be able to right-click the video panel and see a download option.

Who has access to my session recording?

Only you and any teammate you invited / shared the session with will be able to view recordings. Your expert will not be able to view any recordings at any time. Guests who are not teammates will also not be able to view any recordings or transcripts.

Inviting others to join