Live 1:1 help sessions

Requesting a live help session

Submit an instant or scheduled session request and start working on your problem in minutes

To request a live help session, navigate to Live 1:1 help > Schedule or start now in the left side navigation bar while logged in to your Hopps client profile, or by clicking here.

Filling out the request form

Filling out the request form accurately and completely is an important part of the request process. It ensures that our algorithm matches you to the the right expert.

Who do you want to work with?

This option defaults to Best Available Expert and will guide the algorithm to match you only with experts tailored to provide the help you need.

Once you have worked with at least one expert, a new option labeled I want to work with expert(s) I have worked with or follow will appear, and you will be able to choose from one or more of those experts to send your help request to.

What do you need help with?

One of the most important fields in this form, help topics listed here will change based on whether you want to work with the Best available expert or a previously used one:

  • If you choose to work with one of the best available experts, you will be shown only Hopps Help® topics. Experts for these topics have been certified and vetted to provide help for their topic.

  • If you choose to work with an existing expert, you will only be shown help topics that they can provide help for. Any Hopps Help® topic will be labeled with the word "Certified".

Help topics are also how your help session will be priced, and per minute pricing will be shown in parentheses next to the topic name.

Invite teammates to join

Easily send invitations to teammates by adding them to the session here. You can also share the session with them by sending them the link at the time of the session.

This field can be left blank but is useful to share more context around a problem. Important links include Loom links showing a problem, related websites, or even documents (Google Docs, Sheets, etc) describing and laying out problems in more detail.

Describing the problem

Provide a detailed description of your problem, question, or request. Include any relevant information that would help build context for an expert such as:

  • Things already tried
  • When the issue arose
  • Integrations with other involved / linked services
  • Goals or examples

The detail you provide here will have the biggest impact in matching you with experts qualified to help solve your issue.


Please add any relevant attachments to your help request that experts can review. If you do not want to share private or confidential information initially, you can also share this information once in a session or when the session is confirmed.

Scheduled sessions