Live 1:1 help sessions

Inviting teammates and guests to your help session

Simply share your session link with anyone you want to join your session

There are two types of users that can join a session with you: teammates and guests. Teammates and guests can share the session link and invite anyone else during the session, but their experiences are a little different.


Teammates are users with a Hopps account who are also invited members of your team. Teammates can be invited in advance when submitting a request, or can simply be sent a link at the time of the session.

Those invited will be able to:

  • Join the session and participate fully with screenshare, chat and send/view attachments
  • End the session for all parties attending
  • Access recordings, chats and any attachments after the session ends

Those invited prior to the session will be able to do all of the above, along with also being able to cancel the session and see the session in the dashboard.

Inviting Hopps users who are not teammates

You can invite a Hopps user who is not a part of your team to join your session only after it starts. Those users will have the same privileges highlighted above.


Guests have no Hopps account and can only join the session at the time of the session with a link provided to them. They will not:

  • Be able to end the session
  • Participate in chat
  • See session logs and attachments
  • See recordings after the session
Preparing for your session