Live 1:1 help sessions

Preparing for your help session

Whether you are requesting an instant or scheduled session, here are a few tips to help you make the most of your time and money

For all sessions

Adjust camera and microphone

Your Hopps session will occur via video chat within the Hopps platform. A microphone and speakers are required in order to talk to your expert. At the start of your session, you will be prompted to select your audio and video devices. We recommended checking that your devices are connected and functioning properly in advance of your session.

Once you have joined your session, be sure that your microphone is unmuted and optionally enable your webcam by clicking the icons along the bottom of the video window.

Log in to any tools or platforms you plan to discuss during the session

You will have the opportunity to share your screen during the session so that your expert can work live with you. Even if you don't share your screen, your expert may ask you to verify settings or have questions for you about how something is set up. We suggest having relevant accounts open for quick access to save you time.

A few helpful tips

  • Not feeling camera ready? Turning your camera on is entirely optional, but you will at least need a microphone and speakers so you and your expert can hear each other. Make sure your equipment is connected and enabled in your web browser before starting your session.

  • We highly recommend only joining sessions on a desktop computer or large tablet. You’ll often find that you need to switch between tabs or share screens to review materials with your expert.

  • Hopps experts set their own schedules and availability is at its highest Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm PST. Scheduling your sessions in advance is a good idea if you want to ensure someone is available at your preferred time.

For scheduled sessions only

Scheduled sessions require you to join a session at the chosen time of the session. In order to ensure the best experience, please try to follow these tips.

Keep an eye out for the confirmation

We will send you a confirmation through text and email when an expert has confirmed your booking. You'll also see the session status update on your Hopps dashboard to Scheduled.

In the event that no experts are available for your requested time, we'll let you know 30 minutes before the last time slot you picked originally so you can select a series of different times.

Add a confirmed session to your calendar

Once confirmed, please make sure to add the session to your calendar. If your plans change and you are no longer able to join a session at the time you had requested, please cancel the session at least 30 minutes in advance of the start time. Missed sessions will incur a fee equal to 15 minutes of session time at the per minute rate.

To cancel, please locate the session on your upcoming sessions page and click the cancel button. If you need to reschedule, follow the steps here.

Show up a few minutes before the start time

You will be able to access your session 10 minutes before the start time. To join, navigate to the sessions page and click on the "Join" button session to enter the session.

Your expert will do their best to arrive exactly at the designated start time. Please allow a few minutes for them to join if you don't immediately see them when you enter the session.

If neither party joins a session within 10 minutes of the start time, the session will automatically end and fees may be incurred.

Requesting a session