Live 1:1 help sessions

Instant help sessions

Instant help sessions aim to get you help immediately

Generally, a successful instant session consists of the following steps:

  1. Requesting the session
  2. Joining a waiting room while the system notifies matched experts to join
  3. Collaborating live with the expert when they join the session
  4. Payment and review

No match found

Instant sessions largely depend on the immediately availability of the expert pool vetted to help with your selected topic. This presents us with a much smaller pool of experts.

If we cannot match you with an expert within 10 minutes, your instant session request will be cancelled and you will be taken to the session detail page.

There you will have the option of requesting the session again. We highly suggest submitting a scheduled request the second time around, which will ensure a higher rate of success in getting a match.

What are help sessions?