Task submission

In order to receive payment for a task, please submit the task for final approval by the due date

A task submission can be created for any task that is In progress.

Final cost adjustments

At the time of submission, you will be prompted to make any adjustments to the final cost of the task. Any adjustments to the final cost of the task will need to be confirmed and accepted by the client, so please make sure they are aware of changing costs as you progress through the task.

Options to adjust the final cost are:

  • No adjustment needed: the most common option, this means that the final price of the task will be the original proposed cost
  • Adjust by increasing final cost: the final cost of the task has increased and the customer will be asked to provide additional payment
  • Adjust by decreasing final cost: the final cost of the task has decreased and the customer will be partially or fully refunded for the specified amount

Full refund

In some rare cases, a full refund may need to be issued for a task. If this is the case, please submit an adjustment to decrease the cost of the task by the full original amount.

Completion notes

Please summarize the work done with as much detail as possible. This serves as your official receipt for the task, and is important to resolving any disputes that may arise. We suggest submitting these notes in a Google Sheet that can be formatted and edited.


Any relevant attachments, including any project files, should be securely submitted along with your submission. Please note that these files will be available for download for up to 60 days after a task is completed.

Missed due date

If you find yourself falling behind pace to complete the task on time, please message both the client and Hopps. Consistent, complete communication is important in helping resolve any disputes that may arise during the course of a task.

If the client agrees to a new date, Hopps will update the deadline to that date.

In the event that you miss the due date, the task will be marked overdue and the client may be able to file a claim to receive back their original hold. You will still be able to submit the task before then.